About Us


Chris Moody is one of the nation’s up and coming authorities on helping athletes become their very best in and away from their respective sport. Combining a mix of expertise in Core Performance Dynamics, developing powerful sales teams, and years of military experience that took him around the world, Chris works with highly performing individuals to map out and implement strategies that will accompany them for a lifetime of success. He is the President and CEO of Moody Pacific Coaching & Consulting Inc and specializes in one on one coaching, intensive workshops, and three tier yearlong programs consisting of preseason, in-season, and postseason guidance.

Chris has worked with athletes from the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, prestigious collegiate programs, and aspiring Division 1 High School athletes. Typically these athletes come to Chris with a thirst for how to get to an even higher level than they have already attained. From that point, the athlete starts on a journey of deep thought provoking exercises that bring to light what drives them individually and the process begins. Through the use of assessments, goalsetting, crafting individual success formulas in a variety of disciplines, and accountability the transformation begins to take place.
Most importantly, Chris values the path he has travelled to get to the point he has arrived at today. He served ten years in the US Air Force, including one as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom in Kuwait, owned several businesses in the aerospace and logistics industries, has received numerous college degrees including a MBA from the University of Redlands, Bachelor’s in Aeronautical Science from Embry Riddle University, and a certificate from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. Chris is one of a handful of people in the world to have been trained in their Core Performance Dynamics program that is solely focused and tailored to the advancement of performance in athletes.