Culture Building

In Culture Building, we are focused on professional sports teams, collegiate and high school sports teams, corporations, and small businesses. No matter which category you fall under there always many personalities that resonate at various energy levels that are asked to carry out the mission to achieve successful results. In our work with this, we aim to find the vision that is desired from the upper levels of management and to carry that vision all the way across the entire organization.

This process starts with a consultation with the highest levels of management. From here we work in one one sessions taking into account what each person has to say and then meet as a group to craft the vision and get complete buy-in from everyone on the team. The next step is to meet with the next level of management to start the process of vision implementation and to work to make sure there is buy-in at this step. This junction is critical. Too often companies launch a new vision and the employees below harbor resentment and anxiety because their input was lost or they misunderstood why it was happening. We want to make sure everyone is on the same page by creating meaningful attachment to the vision by giving everyone a role to follow and a desired outcome, possibly with incentives to aim for.

Culture Building Program

Again the outline of the program consists of:

  • Consultations with with Executive Management
  • One on one coaching with executives
  • Group facilitated coaching to establish the vision created for the organization
  • Delivery to the next level of management in a group and individual setting
  • Buy-in taken from all divisions and individual employees with specific goals to achieve with incentives
  • Feedback after implementation with a focus on where improvements could be made and where successes are happening
  • Monthly or Quarterly check-ins thereafter
  • Optional retreat for executive leadership to start the program in Southern California

It is truly vital to remember that whatever the vision is that’s chosen is one that is unique to that team, business, or organization. Our role is to facilitate the process, and as a third party, ask the thought provoking questions that bring about the desired shift in engagement.

Culture Building
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