Leadership Workshop

Our Leadership Workshop possibilities are endless. If you are in need of a speaking engagement, we are available to speak at everything from high profile events with thousands of people to local small athletic teams. We also work in tandem with a number of other speakers and can put together a multi-day workshop, day long speaking agenda, lunch and learn, or motivational talks. There are many options and potential ways to build a program that suits your needs. We will cater to your specifications as best as possible.

Our standard one day workshops are focused on three different topics and can be applied to both athletic and business organizations.

The Leadership workshops featured are:

Personal Development

  • Assessment given prior to the start of the workshop; Debrief occurs with the participants
  • Four different types of goals are discussed and plans are developed unique to each agenda
  • Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, environmental, and social influencers are discussed
  • The establishment of unique personal success formulas are developed and implemented
  • The power of energetic presentation
  • Five toxic personalities that people avoid

Change & Decision Making

  • Adapting to a changing environment and the variables that come into play
  • Developing the understanding of responding vs reacting
  • Maintaining presence in the moment and shifting perspective in changing environments
  • Viewing situations from various points of view
  • The power of control and the illusion of choice
  • Fear based vs Purpose based choices using holographic thinking

Emotional Control

  • Emotional awareness and the understanding of energy
  • Understanding the massive differences between the word “what” and “how”
  • Examining energy levels and how consciousness resonates
  • Emotional understanding and control focused on fear, love, anger, guilt, sadness, and grief
  • The trap of not expressing emotion and the issues that can cause
  • Releasing emotional attachments to outcomes
Leadership Workshop
Please contact us for Leadership Workshop availability and about customizing a workshop to suit your needs: coach@moodypacific.com