Leadership Workshop

турция анталия новости Our Leadership Workshop possibilities are endless. If you are in need of a speaking engagement, we are available to speak at everything from high profile events with thousands of people to local small athletic teams. We also work in tandem with a number of other speakers and can put together a multi-day workshop, day long speaking agenda, lunch and learn, or motivational talks. There are many options and potential ways to build a program that suits your needs. We will cater to your specifications as best as possible.

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фестиваль времена и эпохи 2017 где пройдет Our standard one day workshops are focused on three different topics and can be applied to both athletic and business organizations.

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The Leadership workshops featured are:

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  • Assessment given prior to the start of the workshop; Debrief occurs with the participants
  • Four different types of goals are discussed and plans are developed unique to each agenda
  • Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, environmental, and social influencers are discussed
  • The establishment of unique personal success formulas are developed and implemented
  • The power of energetic presentation
  • Five toxic personalities that people avoid

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  • Adapting to a changing environment and the variables that come into play
  • Developing the understanding of responding vs reacting
  • Maintaining presence in the moment and shifting perspective in changing environments
  • Viewing situations from various points of view
  • The power of control and the illusion of choice
  • Fear based vs Purpose based choices using holographic thinking

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  • Emotional awareness and the understanding of energy
  • Understanding the massive differences between the word “what” and “how”
  • Examining energy levels and how consciousness resonates
  • Emotional understanding and control focused on fear, love, anger, guilt, sadness, and grief
  • The trap of not expressing emotion and the issues that can cause
  • Releasing emotional attachments to outcomes
Leadership Workshop
Please contact us for Leadership Workshop availability and about customizing a workshop to suit your needs: coach@moodypacific.com
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