Personal Development Retreats

earthWe have partnered with the one of a kind Exploration Institute to offer Personal Development Retreats. These retreats create experiences unlike any other. After working with high performing people for a number of years, it became clear to me that I wanted to create a retreat like experience. I wanted to create a retreat that challenged my clients on a variety of levels. When I met Dr Armin Ellis it became clear quickly that this is the kind of program that I have been looking for. The journey starts in one of four destinations around the globe and then you become part of the Earth Ambassador Community.

The best in Personal Development Retreats

The One Giant Leap is your first adventure with us. Whether you’re a seasoned mountaineer, scuba diver, or if it’s your first time in a long time in nature, this is the course that brings us together as a team, creates the community, and starts the journey.

This adventure is designed to be fun, community building, inspirational, and bring everyone to a responsible skill level that will allow us to go forward on a sound footing. Be prepared, this is going to be one of the most rewarding and exceptional experiences you will ever partake in. The retreat is fun and memorable; the challenges are designed to give you both the skills and the confidence for all of our upcoming programs.

Core skills which you will master include: Expedition planning and preparation, safety, leadership, group dynamics, navigation, nutrition, storytelling, and more.

One Giant Leap (OGL) is ongoing throughout the year and the locations vary from Pacific Northwest of USA, Baja, Mexico, and South Island in New Zealand, and the Scottish Highlands. Please contact to see which venue is coming up.

Personal Development Retreats
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